The Village Girl


This is a story of Sandra Nakhumicha, a girl conceived out of rape. But she never knew that. Sandra grew up convinced that her mother accidentally got pregnant, abandoned her, and ran off to the city. Sandra is left to care for her maternal grandmother who in turn, ensures Sandra is loved, provided for, and has access to education. To impress her grandmother, Sandra works hard. She stays at the top of her class and handles her duties at home.

Somehow, between all of her work, Sandra finds time for love. His name is Dau, and he is her hero. He tutors her and treats her to walks by the river. Their love is secretive and sweet.

Sandra gets accepted to the secondary school of her dreams. Granny sells everything to ensure she can attend. She stays at the top of her class, determined to seize this amazing opportunity. But everything changes when her beloved Granny is gruesomely killed by her biological father - the same man who raped her mother years before. Sandra is heartbroken, but her grandmother's adopted brother Omari steps in to pull her out of the darkness. He reunites her with her mother and ensures her father is arrested and prosecuted. 

Unfortunately, Sandra's struggles continue - she is poisoned by a classmate and forced to fight for her life. Sandra's mother steps up to save her, finally giving Sandra the opportunity to create a brighter future for herself and her family. 


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