It's a Game of Chase


It's a Game of Chase is a young adult story based in the modern millennial era. It is set in a small town in Nakuru County, Kenya. The story encompasses various sites, including hotels, campsites, and the principal city of Nairobi, where the main character momentarily lived. Her family lives on the outskirts of the town, in a leafy suburb at a well-guarded estate. The main character is a female protagonist whose quest to find a perfect life and a sense of belonging ends up uncovering family secrets.

Ruthie, the protagonist, lives in a world in which she feels estranged. Her father is a retired judge that had a reputation of being stern and fierce, and her mother, an advocate human rights activist, created a lot of enemies along the way. They were, however, a power couple and together an unstoppable force. Her parents had done everything they could in an attempt to protect her and her siblings but left a loophole.

Growing up, Ruthie feels psychologically and socially incapacitated, and thus begins her quest to chase the perfect life. It is during this journey that she stumbles upon the loophole: Ethan, her worst nightmare and her perfect match. Her relationship with Ethan ends up uncovering their family skeletons and turning her once picture-perfect family into a huge tangled mess. With the help of her best friend Betty, they seek the truth and end up with jumbled information.

Despite warnings and threats to their families, they continue investigating, gambling on their relationship and the safety of their families in an attempt to solve the mysteries and repair the breach threatening to break their families apart. It is a journey filled with treachery, revenge, threats, denial, acceptance, and closure.

Is there such a thing as a perfect flawless life? Even when we mend our mistakes, can the wounds ever heal? 


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