Kefa's Quest


Kefa's Quest is a story that is set entirely in Kenya, Africa. It is a coming-of-age story of Kefa, who faces insurmountable challenges at the onset of adulthood. It has complex characters who grow and experience fundamental changes in their lives as the story progresses.

As Kefa matures, his perspective changes and he gradually loses his innocence. One of the main antagonists, Zuri, also undergoes a remarkable transformation, from a self-centered teenager to a person who is willing to help others. The societal and age-bound issues experienced by the characters make the story relatable to many young adults. There are a lot of challenges faced by the characters that result in an action-packed narrative that will keep you glued and flipping the pages for more.The author also uses oral narratives. In African tradition, oral narratives are extensively used to teach values. The story highlights cultural aspects in a positive way, which is not always the case in books written about Africa. The language used is clear and simple. The story is written with empathy and advocates fighting for what is right and morally just - something that is lacking in this generation. It challenges YA to provide solutions to problems they face.


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