Madam President


Madam President is about Deborah Binti Nzinga, a forty-five-year-old widow and lawyer from Kawemppe Republic, Africa, who finds herself thrust in a presidential race unceremoniously. A reputable lawyer, social justice activist, and environmental crusader, Deborah prefers to be a passive supporter of the political class until she stumbles upon a long overdue injustice in her dying friend and classmate Phyllis Mngamata, and her political views change.

Phyllis, one of the country's top-performing students, had her education journey abruptly cut short thirty years ago when she was denied a crucial tuition bursary because she came from the 'wrong tribe.'

When Phyllis dies in Deborah's arms, the injustice of her wasted life propels Deborah to action. She vows to correct head-on the numerous societal ills happening in Kawemppe republic.


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