The Dark Scar


Nuru and Amani are undergraduate students in Taifa University. Bound by the Literature Students Association, the two youngsters from rival ethnic groups fall in love. Their love affair elicits mixed reactions from their parents. Nuru's mother was stabbed on the neck while saving his life during a tribal clash when he was a toddler. A dark scar on her neck is a painful reminder of their past. The news of Nuru dating a Hazunda girl- stereotypically referred to as thieves in Nchi Republic- hits her hard. Amani's mother describes Nuru as a useless Buba man and vows to end his relationship with Amani.

Unmoved, the duo form Shiners Organization, a movement committed to eliminate institutionalized tribalism in Taifa University and Nchi Republic. However, Corporal Squad, an organized group of hooligans in Taifa University opposes their noble initiative. The two become Corporal's prime target of violent attacks. 

In this satirical tale, Nuru and Amani envision ending deep-rooted institutionalized tribalism in Taifa University and Nchi Republic. Will their mission bear fruits in a nation where citizens publicly denounce tribalism but secretly embrace it in the face of challenges and opportunities?


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